born in Los Angeles, CA
lives and works in Seattle, WA


2004 MFA in Painting, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

1998 BA in Studio Art, Summa Cum Laude , Humboldt State University, Arcata CA


2015 Finalist, Sustainable Arts Foundation Grant, San Francisco, CA

2014 Neddy Artist Award, Seattle, WA, Juror: Aram Moshayedi, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA

2012 Grant for Artist Projects, Artist Trust, Seattle, WA

2005 Artist Residency at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland 

2005 Artist Residency at the Karl Hofer Gesellschaft, Berlin, Germany

2004 Award for Excellence in Teaching, School of Art & Design, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

2001-04 Teaching Assistantship & Tuition Waiver, School of Art & Design, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 

2001-04 Brodie Materials Grant, School of Art and Design, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

1998 Art Alumni Perpetual Scholarship Award, Art Department, Humboldt State University, Arcata, California


2018 Mississippi and Arizona, G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle, WA

2016 March Snow of New York, G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle, WA

2015 40 x 40, Calypte Gallery, Seattle, WA 

2015 Snowy Meadow Scene, Project Diana at The Alice, Seattle, WA

2014 Carry Me, G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle, WA 

2013 I Slept, But My Heart was Awake, Kathryn Markel Fine Art, New York, NY 

2013 about this summer (things of death and camping), Violet Strays, Seattle, WA 

2013 If I Met You Outside I would Kiss You, and No One Would Despise Me, Prole Drift, Seattle, WA

2012 My Heart’s a Little Fast but Otherwise Everything’s Fine, First Street Gallery, Eureka, CA

2012 I Eat My Honeycomb with My Honey, I Drink My Wine with My Milk, SOIL Gallery, Seattle, WA 

2012 Look at the Crown With Which His Mother Crowned Him, Prole Drift, Seattle, WA

2011 The Bell In My Head That’ll Ring ‘Til I’m Dead, Michael Rosenthal Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2007 Waltzing Me All the Way Home, Shift Gallery, Seattle, WA 

2006 The Mary Parade, Fine Art and Artists Gallery, Washington, D.C. 

2006 Dublin All Frosty and Fiery, Lucia Douglas Gallery, Bellingham, WA

2005 New Paintings, Karl Hofer Gesellschaft, Berlin, Germany 

2005 New Drawings, Process Room, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland


2018 Painters Who Fucking Know How to Paint, Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle, WA

2018, 16, 15 Seattle Art Fair (with G. Gibson Gallery), Seattle, WA

2018 Thick as Thieves, G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle, WA

2017 Here’s to the Future, G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle, WA
2017 Winter Gymnastics, G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle, WA

2016 American Painting Today, curated by Matthew Offenbacher, V2, Seattle, WA

2016 25, G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle, WA 

2016 At Large, G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle WA

2015 Dwell, G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle, WA

2014 Borderlands, curated by Elise Richman, SOIL Gallery, Seattle, WA 

2014 Neddy at Cornish Exhibition, Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, WA 

2014 Introductions, G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle, WA 

2014 Landscape/Mindscape, curated by Ann Reid, Anchor Art Space, Anacortes, WA 

2014 A Place For Memories and Secrets, SOIL Gallery, Seattle, WA

2013 Painterly Gestures: Approaches to Painting Today, curated by Hannah Israel, Illges Gallery, Corn Center for the Visual Arts of Columbus State University, Columbus, GA 

2013 Zwischerliecht, curated by Sharon Arnold, LxWxH Gallery, Seattle, WA 

2013 Context Art Miami (with Kathryn Markel Fine Art, NY) and Aqua Art Miami (with Prole Drift, Seattle), Miami Beach, FL

2012 Introductions, Seattle Art Museum Gallery, Seattle, WA 

2012 Red Current (sweet fruit), curated by Sharon Arnold, Roq La Rue, Seattle, WA

2012 Susanna Bluhm and Claire Cowie, Sugar Pill, Seattle, WA

2012, 11 Aqua Art Miami (with Prole Drift and SOIL Gallery), Aqua Hotel, Miami Beach, FL

2011 Scattershot, Eastern Washington University Gallery of Art, Cheney, WA 

2011 Islands: Susanna Bluhm and Cable Griffith, SOIL Gallery, Seattle, WA

2011 NEPO 5K: Don’t Run, collaborative project with Christopher Buening, Seattle, WA 

2011 Bloom & Collapse, curated by Susanna Bluhm & Amanda Manitach, SOIL Gallery, Seattle, WA

2010 Vs. The Matador, curated by Cable Griffith, SOIL Gallery, Seattle, WA 

2010 NEPO 4, collaborative project with Amanda Manitach, NEPO House, Seattle, WA 

2010 Now/Then, Jacob Lawrence Gallery, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 

2010 SOIL in Residence, Seattle Design Center, Seattle, WA

2010 In a Shadow Box, Galerie Crystal Ball, Berlin, Germany

2009 The Srangercrombie Piñatas, Vermillion, Seattle, WA 

2009 A Book About Death, The Emily Harvey Foundation Gallery, New York, NY 

2007 Syndicalism: The Art of Tend and Befriend, curated by Deborah Lawrence, Washington State Convention and Trade Center, Seattle, WA 

2007 High Tide, SPUR Projects, Portola Valley, CA

2006 The 2006 CoCA Annual (Juror: Jennifer Gately), Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle, WA 

2006 New Lines: Drawn, Stitched, and Sculpted, SPUR Projects, Portola Valley, CA

2005 Laundry Line, curated by Patrick Meagher, 119 West 25th St., New York, NY

2004 You Are Here, I Space, Chicago, IL 

2004 Emerging Illinois Artists (Juror: Staci Boris), McLean County Arts Center, Bloomington, IL


2018 Panelist, Painters Who Fucking Know How to Paint Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle, WA

2018 Visiting Artist Lecture, Seattle Psychoanalytic Society & Institute, Seattle, WA

2017 - present Curator, Washington State Arts Commission, Art in Public Places Program Curator Roster, WA

2012-2015 Gallery Director, ArtsWest Playhouse & Gallery, Seattle, WA

2010-2015 Member, SOIL Gallery, Seattle, WA

2014 Panelist, Seattle Women’s Convention, curated by Joey Veltkamp, Hedreen Gallery, Seattle University, Seattle, WA

2014 Visiting Artist Lecture, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA

2013 Favorite Things Tour, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA

2012 Visiting Artist Lecture & Student Critiques, Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA 

2012 Visiting Artist Lecture, Gage Academy of Art, Seattle, WA 

2010-12 Teaching Artist, Gage Art Academy, Seattle, WA

2011 Art Instructor, Westside School, Seattle, WA

2009 Presenting Artist, Mini Painting Symposium, curated by Matthew Offenbacher, Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, WA

2007 Member, Shift Gallery, Seattle, WA

2006-07 Teaching Artist, The Nature Consortium, Seattle, WA

2001-04 Instructor, Art Department, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

2003 Creator, Director, The Affordable Art Sale, Champaign, IL


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